[Udpcast] Problems with udpcast in combination with a fileserver

D Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Mon Dec 12 12:51:21 CET 2005

Are the disk geometries the same on the master and target notebooks?
Is lilo or grub or other used as the boot loader?

If it is a problem from udpcast, I'd guess it has something to
do with the first few bytes on the data.  I saw a problem
like this before where we could not boot an IBM notebook
recovery partition.  In our case the broadcom 5702 ethernet driver on
the imaging server had a bug which went away in a 2.6.5 kernel
driver.  TCP/IP was reliable, but the driver bug was specific to
UDP multicast.  Even the Windows drivers for that Broadcom
device had problems (at the time) immediately after DHCP connect.
The other possible flaw that could go wrong is a bug
in the ethernet driver on one of the notebook clients.

Check the changelogs at kernel.org for hints there may be
bug fixes for one of the ethernet devices you use.

You can test to see if the images are the same on upload by
using cmp to compare the image files.  Upload twice and
compare.  Upload, image, and upload from the target and

This only works with gzip, as I learned, that lzop stores
a timestamp inside the file.

--Donald Teed

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Thomas Kuehling wrote:

> Dear all,
> i've got a strange problem with udpcast. If i store the files on an
> ext3-partition on a fileserver via udp-reciever -f foo.image and clone
> it on the other notebook, i am not able to boot the new system on it.
> When i look on the hdd, i see the several partitions, but no partition
> types.
> What's my fault? I am getting more and more confused. Please help me.
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