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Jeff Michels michelsj at sdb.k12.wi.us
Thu Dec 1 05:39:49 CET 2005



I'm trying to use udp-receiver with a inirrd (PXE) image from your web

with the portbase option. The client is configured to use port the 9600.


When I launch udp-sender --portbase 9600 option no client listen it.

However if I use the default port, it works fine. So clients are

listening at port 9000 instead of 9600 how I wanted :(


What I'm doing wrong?





I am having the same issue when booting a computer via PXE and using
udp-sender at the command line of our server.  If I boot two computers using
a CD and set one as the sender and one as a receiver using a port other than
9000, it works.


This really hasn't been much of an issue as of yet because our server is
really only powerful enough to send one image out at a time.  In the future
we will be getting a new system and it would be nice to be able to send out
more than one type of image at a time.




Jeff Michels

Technology Support Specialist

The School District of Beloit

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