booting PXE image with a menu

Donald Teed dteed at
Mon Mar 1 20:59:12 CET 2004

An existing Windows PXE Server provides a numbered menu which
can be used to select a specific boot image.  However it is
not very robust.

I'm wondering if anyone has encountered something similar for
Linux (DHCP + TFTP).

My idea is that a number of imaging types of tasks could be
prepared with different initrd's from castomatic, and
some initial boot loader could present the options in
an easy to understand menu.

Something like this:

1. Sender for full hard disk
2. Sender for Windows partition
3. Sender for Linux partition
4. Receiver for full hard disk
5. Receiver for Windows partition
6. Receiver for Linux partition

udpcast is working very well in our smoke test with 20 machines.
I really like the cast-o-matic PXE initrd generator. Pretty slick!

--Donald Teed

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