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Thu Jul 29 22:39:14 CEST 2004

Please send the folowup question to the group as well. I don't know how to
do it in Windows.
Glad to help,


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Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought it might something like that. These
widows systems I am imaging. How would I zero-ize the drive it windows?

Quoting Lee Kransen <lee at servision.net>:

> 1. Although 2.5/20 is currently in use it could be that much of the rest
> the 20GB was once written to and now does not contain strictly 0000000's.
> this case the compression will not be as great as it could be. You may
> to use the suggested procedure for Zero-izing your disk before turning it
> into a compressed image. This will have to be done for each partition on
> disk.
> -----------------------------------------------
> On the live system, just create a huge file:
> dd if=/dev/zero of=filler-file
> After a while, the dd will error out with a "disk full" error.
> Then, do a couple of syncs, and remove the file.
> sync
> sync
> rm filler-file
> -----------------------------------------------
> 2. lzop is designed for speed and not compression. Try setting the
> compression level to -7, -8, or -9 for better compression.
> Lee
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I am having a problem with the compressed size of the drive being far larger
than the size that is really used (I.E. 2.5 gigs used but image size of 9 gigs).
I found a program called sdelete and tried using it to cleanise the unused
space. But every time I run the udpcast to remake the image after using sdelete
it is even bigger than before! Any one have any ideas?

> To: udpcast at udpcast.linux.lu
> Subject: [Udpcast] Image size bigger that actual space used
> I have been trying to send an image to my server. The hard drive on the
> computer
> that I am sending from is 20 gig with 2.5 used. I turn on lzop compession
> and
> send the image to the server. But the image file endes up being 8.2 gigs.
> Any
> idea why it would be that big?
> Thanks again for your help
> Kevin
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