[Udpcast] Cloning Live Machine

Felix Rauch rauch at inf.ethz.ch
Thu Jul 22 01:55:47 CEST 2004

On Wed, 21 Jul 2004, Lee Kransen wrote:
> If I understand correctly, it seems that the best option is for me to take
> out the hard drive, put it in the DHCP/TFTP server and run the udp-sender
> from there. Is that correct?

You could also setup an environment that boots into a RAM disk, with
the help of DHCP, TFTP and PXE. We did that for our own 128-node
cluster. The RAM disk contains the most essential tools and is
otherwise kept at the minimum. In our case, the RAM disk uses roughly
80 MByte of our nodes' memory. When all the nodes booted into the
RAM-disk-based system, we clone their disks (not with UDPcast, but the
principle is the same).

- Felix

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