[Udpcast] poweroff not doing the job

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Tue Jul 20 12:27:20 CEST 2004

On Tue, 20 Jul 2004, Alain Knaff wrote:

> [This is, as long as the echo 5 >/proc/acpi/sleep works. I tried that
> on my desktop, but unfortunately it didn't do anything at all. Maybe
> on a laptop, it does indeed shut down the machine, or put it to sleep]

Yes, I have confirmed that the echo 5 does do a shutdown.  It goes down
in about 4 seconds.  poweroff or halt just stop init processes and the
power stays on the laptop.

I have worked with a Linux template for this laptop and I'm
familiar with what it looks like when in other power saving states
- it would still show a green light on an led somewhere.
echo 5 makes all of the lights go out.

In my case I've compiled my own 2.4.26 kernel with APCI support.
I needed it to grab the disk model number.

The pre script sends the disk model info back to a web server,
which collects the model IDs into a file.  The script that fires
off udp-sender on the web server first checks that uniq | wc -l
on the disk models file produces '1'.  If it isn't, it is time to
shrink the master disk partition and make a new image,
or produce an image specific to the new model of disk.

We have 4500 laptops coming in over the next few months,
and Dell says they cannot ensure the 40 GB drive will always
be the same model.

People are generally amazed at how flexible this solution is.

--Donald Teed

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