[Udpcast] Making filesystems

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Jul 8 19:18:19 CEST 2004

You can run many things from within busybox.  You just need
to compile them statically.

In my udpcast session, I need to grab the MAC address of a wireless
device that isn't supported by Linux drivers.  I had to use ndiswrapper
to enable ifconfig to see this.  I set up the required files under
/etc/ndiswrapper inside the initrd, statically compiled loadndiswrapper,
added a modprobe for ndiswrapper and it worked well.

Use the -static line in your Makefile for creating mke2fs and fsck
and add them to your initrd image.  The binaries might be 500K in size or
better, but it shouldn't make any real difference for a network
or CDROM boot.

--Donald Teed

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, Lee Kransen wrote:

> As part of our production procedure we need to create a disk with a large,
> mostly empty, /home partition (hda6). In addition to this, the size of the
> disks that we copy to varies. It would be best for us to create the
> partition and file system using mke2fs and then fsck in an udpreceiver.post
> file. However BusyBox does not support mke2fs of fsck. Is there another way
> to do this?
> Best regards,
> Lee

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