[Udpcast] UDP-cast

lance.grover lance.grover at waterford.org
Fri May 2 20:50:21 CEST 2003

I am really impressed with UDP-cast and I use it quite frequently.  I
use it to copy partitions of aproximatly 70 Gig for so far up to 5
computers at a time, in the future that number will increase to about
30, if possible.  
  My colegues and I have set up a server where we would like to store
older versions of this image that we cast out.  I tried first of all
just to send the image strait to a file, and that works if the file
stays below 2Gig but once it reaches that size the operation crashes,
stating the file is too big.  I am a bit confused by this since we are
running Red Hat 8 and Large File support comes with it.  A partial
workaround is by piping the split command through udp-cast, where I can
limit the splits to 2Gig each, this works good and I can even
concatinate the files into one large image file, but when the file is
already larger than 2Gig then I cannot send it with UDP-cast, I get a
message that the file is too large.
  My question to you is: is there something in the code that is causing
the size issue or is it in a library that is used in the code.  In other
words is there a good workaround?
  Again I want to tell you thanks for the program and thanks for any
help you can give me.

-Lance Grover 


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