[Udpcast] UDPCast Performance : 1 Server, 1 Client without any switch

Saikrishna Dasari sai_thesis at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 13:54:22 CEST 2003

Hi Alian,
 I have been recording the performance statistics of UDPCast for different system setups 
( i.e ..(1 server, 3 clients), ( 1 server, 8 clients), (1 server, 1 client) etc) .
When I was testing the 1 Server , 1 Client configuration I connected the server and client with a direct cable inbetween and since those two machines are independent of other netwroks I was expecting no retransmission messages  during the transfer..But UDPCast shows several retransmission messages . I was confused by this. Since there are only two machines that are directly hooked up by a cable there shouldn't be any network traffic or congestion related issues.
and these two machines are exactly identical in every respect.
I am curious to know the possible reason.
Thanks in advance.

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