[Udpcast] Image Distribution Consistency

Gianni Minetti gianni at gminetti.net
Sun Jun 15 20:31:02 CEST 2003

Hi to everybody.

I understand that udpcast guarantees  the integrity of the transmitted data 
through FEC redundancy  code model but how can one be assured , beside 
integrity,  also of consistency of the transmitted data, defining 
consistency as the property the all the hosts being part of the multicast 
group have received the data?

I mean, if my multicasting model is composed of N host and I schedule to 
send a different file every T minutes, how can I detect the condition of  D 
hosts not  reachable for a time >T (tahr result in data copied only on N-D 
Should I check the 'health'  of all my N hosts before to run udpcast using 

For the application I've in mind it's very important to know what has or 
hasn't been delivered to whom so, I would like to encourage everyone who 
has had a similar problem or has some idea how to cope with.

Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestions.



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