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John Allison John_Allison at abss.k12.nc.us
Wed Jun 11 20:29:07 CEST 2003

hello alain

i will use alt+f7 to watch the scripts.  when i say no connection is that the
sender will not talk to the receiver.  useing the xircom cards with a 10/100
switch i get a connection light when the sender/receivers are setup and talking
to each other.  this happens when i load the drivers for the pcmcia and socket
and xircom card by hand.  i am useing static ip's and not dhcp.  what happens
is that when you boot useing the 20036010 for pcmcia script start like it
should.  i choose english from th list and then it it tries to autoprobe the
nic and i get a flash of code going up the screen that looks like the drivers
loading.  then it comes back to the screen where it ask if you want dhcp or
static ip.  i don't get the screen where i can choose my own nic.  i use static
(no dhcp server yet) and setup all that (ip address and subnet mask).  then its
changes to a black screen with the standard "sender setup ready to image"
screen.  it looks like everything is okay but when i setup the receiver that
doesn't connect and the lights on the switch are not on.  Now if i load the
drivers by hand:

modprobe pcmcia_core
modprobe i82092
modprobe yenta_socket
modprobe ds

the lights on the switch are lite and the sender and receiver have a connection
and i can cast.  again there are no error messages or screens.  everything
looks like it should.    

Alain Knaff <alain at knaff.lu> writes:
>On Wednesday 11 June 2003 17:59, John Allison wrote:
>> hello
>> no error message.  the screen shows some drivers loading and then it ask if
>> you want to use dhcp or not.  you go through the rest of the process just
>> like normal.  but at the end there is no connection.
>What do you mean by "at the end there is no connection"? That DHCP
>does not succeed to get an address? If that happens, you _always_ get
>an error message. There is no code path where DHCP fails without an
>error message. If it fails much later, when exactly does it fail?  At
>the very end, after starting udp-receiver / udp-sender
>Btw, did you get the screen where you get to chose a network module?
>If not, this means that the system has found a card and succeeded to
>read its Mac address. If it is unable to get a DHCP address, this
>means that maybe there is some problem on the DHCP server.
>Did you try to enter an IP Address and Netmask manually? In that case,
>what happens exactly? Does manual configuration fail (i.e. error
>message after entering netmask). If you do get an error message, what
>does it say. If you don't, what else happens?
>Could you also check whether the probecards script gave any error
>messages (you can watch them with Alt-F7, when you are at the driver
>selection screen, or, in case the driver selection screen is skipped,
>at the "do you want DHCP" screen)

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